Mojo Muesli - 3 Tablespoons

Size: 500g


A combination of 19 super ingredients make up the 3 Tablespoon blend. 65% nuts and seeds deliver an array of vitamins & nutrients not commonly available in most breakfast cereals.


3 tablespoons is not only very high in protein, but also contains the 8 essential amino acids to make this a good quality, plant-based protein. Protein helps build healthy cells throughout the body, hair, nails, muscles, skin and the brain – they all benefit.


In addition to this, the experts agree that good protein intake appeases the appetite and therefore helps weight control.


No added sugar.


Low GI.


High fibre, which promotes good bowel movement.


No sultanas or rice puff.


20% Almonds.


Omega 3 from Walnuts, Linseed & Chia.

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