Meredith Dairy Traditional Greek Yoghurt - 500g

Title: 1x Traditional Greek 500g tub


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  • Our healthy alternative, probiotic sheep yoghurt with live beneficial cultures, is low GI, a source of calcium, and may be suitable for people with an aversion to soy, cow or goat milk.
  • Pasteurised Sheep Milk, Live Yoghurt Cultures.
  • Probiotic - Our Natural Sheep Milk Yoghurt has added Lactobacillus probiotics to supercharge your gut health. Its creamy, naturally sweet and nutty flavour makes it ideal with breakfast, dessert and many savoury dishes.
  • Traditional Greek - Our Greek yoghurt is made true to tradition, pot set using sheep milk and is pot set. It’s thick, creamy, mild and naturally sweet. It contains beneficial Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Thermophilus cultures.

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