Lindt Piccoli Couverture Chocolate (1kg)

Please Select: White 36%


White Couverture: This couverture has a creamy profile with classic ivory colour. Its delicate flavour and flowing qualities make it ideal for use both in baking and specialised chocolate work. Milk Couverture: With 37% cocoa, this milk chocolate is creamy and luscious, and highly reliable when used for tempering. Melts evenly for ganaches, mousses, sauces and more. Bittersweet Couverture: This classic dark couverture with a strong but well-balanced cocoa aroma is a favourite among connoisseurs. With 58% cocoa content, it is a true all-rounder, satisfying all dark chocolate needs. Ecuador Couverture: This unique couverture, high in cocoa content, has a rich and aromatic body with a hint of jasmine – a typical characteristic of Ecuador’s Arriba Cocoa.

*Product of Switzerland

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