Giorgio Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese (250g)



The King of Parmesan cheese from Italy and the only one sourced from Alpine milk

This cheese has been matured for five generations by the Cravero family just outside the town of Bra. It has a hard crumbly texture with a high proportion of calcium protein crystals giving it a delightful crunchy mouthfeel. The aroma when this cheese is first opened is unbeatable compared to pre-wrapped counterparts. You get fresh fruity notes such as tropical fruits, sweet caramel, and salted butter. The taste is slightly nutty and buttery with a long umami finish.

It is an extremely versatile cheese as it can be used in so many Italian dishes as it can be finely grated, shaved, crumbled and is a great table cheese or an interesting addition to a cheeseboard. The rinds are also good to save up and add to stocks or soups, they can even be grilled to make delicious cheese chips served with an aged balsamic drizzle.


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