Sunflower, Canola or Vegetable Oil - Crisco 750mL

Title: Sunflower Oil - 750mL


  • SUNFLOWER OIL - A premium oil which contains 30 percent less saturated fat than olive. A source of Omega 6. Perfect for high temperature cooking like baking and roasting. Its flavour assists in the cooking process without altering the taste of your food. 100% Pure.
  • VEGETABLE OIL - Made from soybeans. With a light taste that lets the flavour of your food shine through. Perfect for shallow frying. A cholesterol-free food and has 0g trans fat per serving. Natural source of Omega 3. 100% Pure Australian.
  • CANOLA OIL - A flavourless, versatile oil with a light texture. Use it for cooking, frying or baking or in dressings and marinades. Perfect for pan frying. Source of omega-3 fats (essential nutrients in a healthy diet). A cholesterol free food with 14g of total fat per serving. 100% Pure Australian.

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