Carles Roquefort Cheese (250g)



Blue Cheese

Roquefort as a cheese has been a protected name since 1411 and has been made by the Carles family for three generations, their Roquefort is considered the best you can find as the only remaining small family producer in the region. The blue mould’s penicillin is cultivated in rye bread made on-site and all the cheeses are matured in caves where the blue mould spreads naturally giving the cheese a robust piquant flavour.

Made from the extremely flavourful milk from the Lacaune sheep’s milk you will find it melts in your mouth like butter with a few pops of calcium crystals that pop as you enjoy this amazing blue.

To enjoy Roquefort, smear it on a freshly baked baguette with a good helping of minimally salted butter.


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