Barnes Natural Jarrah Active Honey - 250g



  • Active Jarrah is Australia's very own 'Super Honey' with a deliciously warm and thick caramel like flavour.
  • Barnes Natural’s Active Jarrah honey is tested and verified for activity by an independent laboratory, according to world standard testing methods.
  • You can be sure that its ingredients is 100% natural and this was processed without any alterations unlike most honey products in the market today.
  • 100% Pure Active Australian Jarrah Honey.
  • You can put it in your salads, soups, marinades and meat as a tenderizer.
  • Since honey is naturally sweet, it can also act as an artificial sweetener to your favourite drinks and desserts.
  • Aside from its aesthetic and functional value, honey is proven to cure or prevent diseases such as ulcer and skin cancer.
  • It also has a cleansing effect to the face and hair.
  • Honey is very important for infants to protect them from anemia and from being crippled.
  • For infants below the age of one year, only a small amount needs to be taken.

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