2x Cuvee Extra Dark Chocolate - 70g

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  • Grand Cru 75% Dark Chocolate - A chocolate proud of its origins planted in the wild earth of Africa. It starts off by showing an intricate fruity/blossomy fragrance indicating the richness in tannins that gives it its defined cocoa flavour. There is lots of cherry and red plum breaking through the slight bitterness of the cocoa, finished by a hint of acidity in the back palate which tends to linger around for a bit.Perfect for the chocoholic preferring less sweetness and more cocoa.
  • Noir 80% Dark Chocolate - Cuvee Noir tells with most eloquence the story of blending cocoa from terrains and climates as diverse as Cuba, Belize and North Africa into perfect harmony. Although quite masculine and bold in its appearance at first, it unfolds into a composition of tropical fruit and toasty undertones with such ease, you will have to remind yourself that you are tasting what is indeed an 80% chocolate.
  • Amphora 65% Dark Chocolate - A bold blend with 70% of the beans coming from a single plantation nestled within the ancient rainforests of Peru. Strong impressions of red and tropical fruit in the front palate, followed by complex layers of natural acidity which make it appear considerably less sweet than a common 65% dark chocolate.

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