2x Beechworth Sparkling Soda - 250mL

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Title: 2x Honey Nectar - 250mL [DISCOUNT]
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  • No ordinary soda here, this is truly a soda of a different kind.
  • A soda naturally sweetened with honey nectar, a drink so effortlessly refreshing you will be going back for more.
  • Drink tall over ice with a squeeze of lemon or drink from a wine glass and if you don't have a sweet tooth pop a little mineral water in the mix to lengthen.
  • Honey & Ginger - This refreshing Sparkling Non-Alcoholic honey drink enhanced with a touch of ginger will leave your tastebuds tingling.
  • Honey Nectar - Refreshing and lightly sparkling, quench your thirst with this non-alcoholic honey drink.
  • Honey & Lemon - A light, bubbly and crisp sparkling non-Alcoholic honey drink with a refreshing lemon flavour sensation.

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