Your go-to guide for choosing the best potato


Who's ever googled 'what potatoes are best in stew' or 'what potatoes roast the best' or even 'what are the best potatoes for mashing'?

If you've put your hand up, don't worry.  You're not alone; for a simple vegetable, potatoes can be a tricky business.

And to help out, we've rounded up some very helpful tips to make sure you never choose the wrong potatoes again.

Sebago or ‘brushed’ potatoes: High in starch and low in sugar and moisture, Sebago potatoes are great for roasting, frying and mashing. Don’t use these guys for salads though; they have a tendency to split and break when cooking. 

Desiree:  Known as the perfect all-rounder, these potatoes can be roasted, sliced into chips or wedges, used in salads and even mashed! Desiree potatoes have a pink/red coloured skin and a creamy yellow inside. 

Chat: Also called ‘Baby Potatoes’, Chat potatoes have a floury texture, making them great for steaming, boiling, baking and for using in salads. Keep their skin on or peel it off, chats are great eaten either way. They’re also a good source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C.  Try this delicious potato salad with tarragon recipe, horseradish and capers by Tobie Puttock.

Kipfler: These elongated potatoes have a yellow flesh and skin, and are small-medium in size. They’re more on the dry side, making them great for salads! To cook, try boiling or microwaving them with their skins on to keep all the goodness in and serve alongside your favourite meat!  Try this simple, yet tasty gnocchi recipe.

Kestrel: Kestrel potatoes are best known for their unique purple blush. Perfect for fryingroasting,  mashing and boiling, Kestrels are a very versatile with a subtle sweet taste.

Russet Burbank: This is the potato you use for chips and baking jackets! Russet Burbanks are round with brownish skin and white flesh and are super easy to work with. 

Toolangi Delight: These potatoes are developed at the Toolangi Potato Research Station and have a purple skin with pure white flesh. Use these little guys for mashing and baking. They’re also fantastic for chips and are the go-to potato for gnocchi! 

On the rarer side...

Purple Congo: The skin and flesh on the Purple Congo potato is a very dark purple colour. Use them for mashing, steaming, boiling and microwaving, but not roasting due to their dryer texture. They’re great for potato salads and have a yummy chestnut flavour, plus they can also be used as a garnish because of the vibrant colour – the kids will love them!

Royal Blue Moon: With a smooth and creamy texture, Royal Blue Moons are perfect for boiling, mashing or cooking in the oven. They also have a purple skin with a golden flesh, which means they look great dressed in salad too.

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